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By sponsoring a child’s education you have a chance to make a real difference to his/her life. Your donation will enable the child access quality education that will break the cycle of poverty in future. Every donation makes a difference. You can donate $10 a month to co sponsor a child or $30 a month for full sponsorship, all donations will be acknowledged with a personalized thank you letter. You will get a tax receipt that will be provided to you by GlobalGiving on our behalf and quarterly progress reports from the organisation. To learn more about child sponsorship please contact us we will be glad to send you feedback.

Stories by Ugandan Children

The following stories were written in a Creative Writing Class at St. Maurice’s Rainbow Primary School, taught by volunteer Luke Adshead. We are so proud of the children for excelling at creative writing and proud of Luke for teaching them this important art.


Story by Muwanga Johnson

This rabbits name is Brian Peter and he is my rabbit. He is a very stubborn, funny and ill-disciplined rabbit who used to steal and kill other rabbits. One day he escaped from his hutch into the bush before I had given him permission to leave. He had started eating grass when he saw a very lay dog called John. Read more

Uganda’s Curious Children

The following is a poetic description of Kalisizo, Uganda and St. Maurice’s Primary School by a 2015 volunteer from England, who taught Creative Writing to the children.

Uganda’s Curious Children

The Inquisitive Nature of Forgotten Minds

by Luke Adshead

A few rumbles trickling off the engine precipitated a few millions more that reverberantly buttressed my wakeful existence, as we diverged from the asphalt for the upper regions. They all resounded and augmented a friend as is their natural employ, rising like springs of throbbing rhythms from the pendulous turbines and making for the sea of passengers. As dusk ebbed behind the half shuttered window, and the grounded life I had withdrawn from and abandoned in flight was pressing upon the sides of wistful remembrance, a sudden jarring in the bellies of my feet were convulsions induced by this emerging recollection. A memory which was barely the silhouette in a mist, brought a severe tingling of a phantom earth chopped off beneath me. In the lower window, altitudinal icicles mustachioed the wing face and the vestiges of twilight dimmed in the near and distant cloud bed. Read more

Here’s to a Great 2016

Here’s to a Great 2016

Happy New Year!
Classroom 2
Sprout Care Foundation had a great 2015 and we hope to have an even better 2016.

In 2015 SCF hosted 7 volunteers from various parts of the world to help us in our mission of bettering the lives of the most vulnerable in our community.

We started our English classes in Kalisizo and Bbale. We held career development, waste management and nutrition classes, just to name a few.

We are excited for the new year. Read more