Children’s Projects

On child development our organization uses the holistic approach to ensure child development.


We help children understand the love of God and care upon their lives, discover their significance. This is done through bible studies. Diversity of beliefs is respected.


We help to meet basic needs of children, our plan is to establish a children’s home that will improve the quality of care and provision of basic needs.


Supporting children access education, this will enable them become self sustaining individuals that will give back or be agents of change in their communities.


Many of our children are psychologically tortured due to domestic violence, past abuse, neglect, loss of parents. We address issues such as anxiety, depression and trauma though counseling.


Through life skills training children are given an opportunity to pursue personal growth.
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Children’s Education

We believe education is a fundamental right of every child and leads to greater opportunities in the future in terms of productivity and improved social economic status. We therefore invest in the improved education of orphans and other vulnerable children.

Orphans and vulnerable children are less likely to attend school. Although the success of Uganda Universal Primary education policy continues to stand out, the overall picture in our areas of intervention is that most vulnerable children are still the least likely to be receiving an education. This situation is more pronounced in areas that were affected by HIV/AIDS where orphans and vulnerable children, and particularly girls are much more likely to not be in school compared to other children. Orphans and vulnerable children drop out or are unable to attend school due to:

  • loss of both parents
  • having to take care of a sick relative
  • being infected with HIV or living with AIDS
  • having a disability
  • gender issues (early marriage, teenage pregnancy, sexual harassment and heavy burden of household chores on girls)
  • lack of school materials
  • the cost of uniform and lunch
  • heavy work burden
  • poor nutrition
  • low awareness amongst some parents of the value of education
  • laws that allow the child to not go to school

Our goal is to make sure that all children can go to school. Click here to learn about sponsoring a child in one our schools.
Sprout Care Life Skills Training

Health Care and Nutrition

We ensure improved the health and psycho-social well being of orphans, vulnerable children and their caregivers. We focus on the health of the vulnerable child particularly their nutrition status requires that food security and nutritional status of the household be maintained. Psycho-social support is also integrated in the health and well being of children.

Orphans and vulnerable children are still the least likely to receive medical treatment due to poor access to health facilities in rural areas which is attributed to, long distance to the nearest clinic, lack of transport and money to access health care facility, low awareness amongst parents of the importance of modern health services and tendency to take children to traditional healers.

This is done in conjunction with our Nutrition Education Program and other community development projects.

Child Protection

Sprout Care Foundation addresses issues of child abuse, neglect and other forms of violence against children which include domestic violence, child labour, trafficking, child marriage, harmful traditional practices and violence between children. This is done through two of our community development projects, Life Skills Training and Child Protection Education and Advocacy. In our Life Skills Training Class we visit schools quarterly to teach the children about growing up healthy and protecting themselves and others. In our Child Protection Education and Advocacy programs we work with local police and towns to educate about the negative impacts of child abuse.

Click here to learn about sponsoring a child